1814 Capped Bust Dime, Large Date MS65

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Large Date. Rose Blue Toning.

After two years of arguably needless conflict between the British and the United States that began in 1812, the two powers decided it was time for it to end by 1814. The infamous War of 1812 started from a few petty maneuvers by the British to spite the United States for being amicable toward France while the two were at war. Regardless of the reasoning, the war led to a few great loses on both sides of the ocean but helped establish the foundations for the U.S. as a serious power. By 1814 neither side had achieved their pre-war goals, so they had decided it was time to negotiate peace. Deliberations for peace began in Ghent, now known as modern day Belgium, in the middle of 1814. Of course both sides had their qualms, so true agreements were not officially reached nor signed until December 24, 1814. Furthermore, thanks to the lack of technology, some of the armies across the seas on the U.S. front had not heard of peace talks, so the fighting continued. It was at this point that the British decided to invade New Orleans and were met by the U.S. army led by future president Andrew Jackson. Their quick defeat inflated U.S. egos and unofficially ended the war before word had gotten across the Atlantic.