1871 Carson City $20 Liberty Head NGC AU55

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1871-CC Liberty Head $20 NGC AU-55 designed by James B. Longacre.

The 1871-CC $20 is decidedly rare and it ranks as one of the most popular dates in the series.  Among the Carson City $20's, it is second only to the legendary 1870-CC.  Collectors will have a tough time finding an 1871-CC $20 in AU or better conditions.  In Mint State, the 1871-CC is exceedingly rare.  Of the three MInt State examples certified thus far (November 2018), the finest is the NGC MS64 from the former Battle Born Collection.  That coin exceeds the next best example by a full four points.

After the famous 1870-CC, the 1871-CC is the rarest Double Eagle from the Carson City Mint. Compared to all other twenties, the 1871-CC ranks in the top 15% of the series in overall rarity and it is tied for first place in rarity according to average grade. Few dates in the series come generally worse than the 1871-CC. The 1871-CC is like the 1870-CC in that respect. Max Humbert tells me that in the 1960’s when he was regularly receiving rare gold coins from Europe via Paul Wittlin, he handled a borderline Unc. 1871-CC.That coin is by far the finest I have heard of and it may well be the finest known.